Hi! My name is Theresa

and I am here to help you get back to making magic

Hi there! I’m Theresa, an enthusiastic Administrative Specialist with a fervent dedication to aiding Solo Professionals and Small Business Owners in conquering their business objectives. I handle the time-consuming tasks so that you can fully embrace your CEO role!

My entrepreneurial journey began because of my unwavering passion for assisting others in realizing their business aspirations. When I’m not immersed in projects or attending meetings, you’ll find me cherishing moments with family or indulging in Hallmark channel marathons. I firmly believe that collaboration is the key to achieving greatness.

When it comes to being a virtual assistant, I have one goal: empowering you to dedicate your focus to delivering top-tier customer care.

Together, let’s elevate your client management strategies and work towards achieving superior results.

efficiency & charm

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Schedule Magic

Designed for the busy biz owner always running from meeting to meeting. Taking your schedule and putting a magic wand to it!

Calendar Management, Email Management, Appointment Scheduling, Schedule calls and Interviews

Organization Guru

Let’s put out that fire in your filing system! We clean out those cobwebs and give your management system the white glove treatment.

File Management, Auto-responder creation, Data Entry

Client FlowPro

The difference between an “eh” business & a THRIVING enterprise is flawless client management. Keep your clients a top priority without taking all your time.


Customer Support, Client Onboarding, Client Support

Software Savy

Let’s bring your business into 2024 with top-notch software management


CRM Software Management, Email Set Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is an administrative specialist.

Picture this: An Administrative Specialist is your remote ally in the world of business. They’re like a digital Swiss Army knife, armed with an array of administrative, creative, and technical skills. Administrative Specialists work from afar, tackling tasks with a virtual touch.

What tasks do Administrative Specialists handle?

Administrative Specialists can assist with tasks such as email management, calendar scheduling, data entry, customer support, research, content creation, bookkeeping, and more.

What are the benefits of hiring an Administrative Specialist?

Hiring an Administrative Specialist can save you time, reduce administrative burden, allow you to focus on core tasks, provide access to specialized skills, and offer flexibility in managing workloads.

How do I delegate tasks?

Clear communication is key. You can provide instructions through written briefs, video tutorials, or recorded voice messages, depending on the task’s nature.

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